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It is very good for you to use Disk Doctors Windows Data Recovery with any antivirus software being used in your computer currently. You can be able to create regular backups of data and can also perform regular maintenance in your computer with the help of this data recovery program. It can also help you to recover corrupted, lost or deleted data from your computer. You might not be able to access your corrupted hard disk in some cases but you can be able to prevent from personal or professional loss of your data with the help of this data recovery program as it can help you to retrieve significant lost data. The full version of this data recovery software is very easy to use although bit expensive as compared to its competitors. It can be very good for the users due to its intuitive interface and efficiency.

Feature Set

There are thorough features available for the users in Disk Doctors Data Recovery software. The users can easily retrieve their lost data from hard disk, USB, zip drive, flash drives, SD cards and fire wire drives with the help of this data recovery program. You can also recover your data from the formatted hard drives as well as there is some data in it.

There is support available for NTFS, FAT 16 and FAT 32 file systems by this data recovery program. The users tend to choose cheaper Disk Doctors for data recovery. Many versions of NTFS or FAT formats are tendered by Disk Doctors. You can also be able to make an image file of your hard disk with the help of this data recovery program which ensures no further loss of data in case your hard disk is corrupted. You can access three separate scans in this data recovery program with you can retrieve your data from entire hard disk, recover files or attempt to retrieve your corrupted data.

Ease of Use

It is very simple and easy to install Disk Doctors software. The scanning can take only few minutes. You can decide about the type of scan with the help of default wizard. The contents of the hard disk are displayed on completion of scanning which can easily be understood by Windows Explorer. You can retrieve files very easily by selecting the save icon.

Recovery Effectiveness

All information can be recovered very easily on hard drives of laptop which are not overwritten previously. The deleted files like MS Word files, JPEGs and MPEGs which are deleted from the recycle bin are all intact. Some files which are fragmented or overwritten can be recovered as all information is not entirely recoverable. The recently lost and long lost files can be uprooted very easily across two partitions with the help of Disk Doctors recovery software.

Search Capabilities

The users can perform three types of scan that is Basic, Turbo and File Tracer. The files can be searched by their extension, size or name. You can also be able to search movie file, PDF or spreadsheet very easily with the help of this data recovery software.


There is help available for the users in the form of FAQs, information center and tutorials on the website of Disk Doctor’s. There are video tutorials available for the users as well with which users can get complete information about the use of this program. There might be some problems for the new users in understanding some of the terminologies described in English. These users can also get help from wizard or phone and email support.


Disk Doctors Data Recovery program might not be able to recover data over network as well as unable to recover data from Linux or Mac but there are products available from Disk Doctors which can do this. It can be an excellent investment for the Windows users as they can recover their lost data with the help of this program. It can meet out the expectations of the users on tests. Therefore it can be suggested comfortably. You can visit website of Disk Doctors in order to compare features and specifications.