Quick Recovery Review

If you are new user then Quick Recovery can be very good option for you. There is complete support and step by step commands available for users with which they can be able to recover their lost data very easily from their computer.

Feature Set

The users can choose from NTFS or FAT with the help of Quick Recovery software. You can also have option of hard drive scan in simple, RAW or Advanced mode. You can also be able to customize your scan need with this program and it is the best thing. You would not find some features in this software like deleted emails can not be recovered with this software. It can also not recover data from DVDs, CDs or RAID disks as well as data from Mac and Linux. But these features can be made accessible through other products of Quick Recovery.

Ease of Use

This Quick Recovery software is very easy to use. The step by step information are displayed on the left corner of screen with which you can get guidance about data recover. There will be no problem for the users during installation and setup.

Recovery Effectiveness

There are three different scan modes available in Quick Recovery that is Quick, RAW and Advanced. The fastest and easiest mode is Quick scan but some of files can be omitted by using this mode. There will be more time taken in Advanced mode but it can locate everything. You can use RAW mode if you are unable to search your lost files with previous two modes. You can be able to search all your files from your hard drive with the help of this mode.

Search Capabilities

There is no search engine available in the FAT & NTFS-Quick Recovery in order to search files according to their extension, size or name. You can recognize all files easily as these files are displayed with their original names after every scan.

Help Documentation

The support is provided by Stellar Information Systems for Quick Recovery. You can search all topics by keywords with index and search engine. The help can also be accessed through built-in help section. The users can access online chat support on the website of manufacturer.


Quick Recovery is perfect data recovery software with its great help support and easy to use design for the beginners. It can be right choice for beginners.