DT Utilities Digital Rescue Review

DT Utilities Digital Rescue Premium - formerly Migo is one of the best software in data recovery. This software provides an outstanding combination of a user-friendly design, a bulky feature set and one the most effective data recovery ability you ever seen.

DT Utilities Digital Rescue Premium also carries one of the most extensive search capabilities; it allows you to search for deleted files by name and by extension also. And for the users whose life email only, this program is able easily to find and recover the emails which are prematurely deleted from the Outlook or Outlook Express program.

Feature Set

Digital Rescue offers you to retrieve any type of deleted file you can imagine like emails, videos, photos, music and more. As the computer using one of the common file systems, which is being supported by this software (i.e. FAT 32, FAT 16 or NTFS)?

Some of smaller features that this software lacks are: i) the capacity to recover files from a network and ii) the ability to create image files.

Ease of Use

Use of Digital Rescue Premium is really a break; its opening screen offers three basic options to choose from:

  • Recover Lost Files,
  • Recover Lost eMail, 
  • Permanently Delete Data.

All options offer extra instructions on the options available and are escorted by a help button. All offers have a little chance for error.

Installation of Recover Lost Data is errors free and without any problem.

Recovery Effectiveness

You will be impressed to know that Digital Rescue Premium can find and recover each deleted file. Though, it is not guaranteed that it will work every time. It is one of the easiest software of data recovery.

Search Capabilities

It efficient search capability is at one place where DT Utilities Digital Rescue in fact shines. To find the deleted file with the help of this program, just type in the file name and click on scan. Many other programs permit you to search the file by extension only (i.e. .rtf, .xls, and so on). This expanded search features in Digital Rescue save both time and effort.

Help and Documentation

Data Transfer does a fantastic job supporting Digital Rescue, providing help form of a built in help section, phone support, tutorials, a FAQs page and email support.

While it comes to retrieving the deleted computer data, Digital Rescue by DT Utilities is merely the best one. With its much search capabilities, an easy-to-use design, elevated effectiveness and some of the best help support around, this software provides everything you need to retrieve the deleted files competently.