Restorer 2000 Review

The Restorer 2000 is offered by BitMart Inc and it is good data recovery software like R-Studio. The only difference between the two is that you can not make RAID disks and retrieve data from network with Restorer 2000.

Feature Set

There are some features which need to be included in Restorer 2000. You can not recover your lost data from deleted emails as there is RAID disks in this software. But good thing about this software is that you can make image of your data of your hard disk with the help of this software so that you can be able to restore your data in future.

Ease of Use

This data recovery software is not easy to use as compared other programs found in market. The screens of this software are not easy. There are information about hard disk on the screen and some icons are available on top. The installation of Restorer 2000 is simple and it is easy to setup.

Recovery Effectiveness

You can be able to recover each file which is lost or deleted with the help of this data recovery program once you know its working.

Search Capabilities

You can be able to search for deleted files by their types only with the help of this software and it can be done in each folder individually as well. The searching capability can be improved by BitMart by adding some options with which file can be searched by actual file. The search engine will directly go to exact location of file with this search feature.


There is built in help section and FAQs section provided by this software. The users can also avail email support. The answers of every question are available in this section.


Restorer 2000 is provided by the MitMart as very good data recovery software. There is need of some features in this software and design should also be made user friendly so that it can compete other products in the market in a better way.