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Handy Recovery is basically data recovery software presented by SoftLogica LLC. This software is very easy to use and very effective as well. You can be able to search your deleted files with their names. The help offered by this software is also very supportive for the users. Although this data recovery program is of high quality but still there are some features which are missing. You might not search files by their names and extensions at the same time due to which this software was less competitive as compared to its competitors.

Feature Set

The images of the hard drive can be generated with Handy Recovery which is its special feature which is not available in other recovery programs. You can save copy of your files to some other location or drive with the help of these images. You can be able to retrieve your lost files very easily from this copy of your data. This data recovery program can easily work on many Windows Operating Systems. You can not retrieve data from your lost or deleted emails and some other features which should be included in good data recovery software. It can also not recover data over networks, RAID disks and removable media.

Ease of Use

The design of Handy Recovery is not user friendly as compared to many other top products for novice users. But you might find it very easy and simple once you spend some time with this software. You need to select the drive in order to retrieve your lost data and then click the analyze button. The drive will be scanned and will be displayed on it. You can press recover after finding your required files and then program will do recovery of your data. There will be no problem for the users in the installation of this program as it is easy and trouble free.

Recovery Effectiveness

All the required files and originated and re-established by the Handy Recovery. This data recovery program is very effective in recovering your lost data.

Search Capabilities

The search engine of Handy Recovery is very good. You can be able to search your required files according to names. You can not search files according to their size, extension or creation date.


There is support available by SoftLogica to Handy Recovery in different ways. There is built in help section available in this software in which all questions related to this software are covered skillfully. There are tips available for using this program. The users can also avail email support and telephone support line.


Handy Recovery is a great data recovery software in which support tools and standard search included. This program has very effective data recovery capabilities. This data recovery program is not ranked to some of great data recovery products due to unimposing screen designs and feature set.