R-Studio Review

There are many tools offered by R-Studio R-Tools Technology Inc for the users with the help of which they can find their deleted or lost data. The users can be able to recover their lost data over networks, CDs, DVDs and can make virtual RAIDs with the help of this data recovery program. This software has technical design and it is less user friendly due to its less number of search tools as compared to other products.

Feature Set

There are all essential features included in R-Studio in order to recover data except the data recovery of deleted files. You can also recover your lost files from UNIX UFS file system and Linux Ex2FS file system. These features are not available in any other data recovery program. 

Ease of Use

The beginners might feel difficulty in using this software due to its screen designs. The opening of screen basically depends on the information of your hard disk. There are some icons available on the top of screen. R-Studio can be good for technical persons as compared to beginners. There will be no problems for the users in the installation and setup of this data recovery program.

Recovery Effectiveness

This software can help you to recover all search files.

Search Capabilities

You can be able to search files which are deleted according to their file type and it can be done in each folder as well. The search capability of R-Studio can increase a lot if you search lost or deleted files with their actual names.


There is an excellent support and help provided by the R-Tools Technology. There is built in help section available for the users. The email support can also be accessed. There might be not help tools available in this software with which you are able to get answers of your questions.


This is high quality data recovery software but there is less search capability as compared to other products. There is need of user friendly interface so that users can be able to understand it very easily.