Get Data Back Review

Get Data Back published by Runtime Software. GetDataBack is first-class data recovery software to scans the hard drive and after that it allows browsing throughout options to find and see files which you want to recover.

Feature Set

GetDataBack is full of excellent features to assist you to locate deleted files. This program helps you to create images of the hard disk, data recovery over a network or else to recover it from some of the removable media accessible now days.

One feature that this program lacks, it is unable to recover deleted emails.

Eeasy to Use

The GetDataBack screens are quite simple to steer through and if offers step-by-step instructions to assist.

It is easy very easy to install this setup.

Recovery Effectivness

GetDataBack is every much effective to recover all the files without any troubles.

Search Capabilities

GetDataBack permits you to look for the files by the extension, size, date and type. But it hard luck you can make search for the title of the file. Addition of this feature to the program will make this deal very effective.

Help and Documentation

Runtime Software gives excellent assistance documentation for GetDataBack. Help section is built-in and it explains the user exactly how to execute every function of the program. FAQ email support and phone facility is available to help you.


On the whole, GetDataBack is a high quality data revival program which can recover the files. It is very helpful to restore all the data which you want to retrieve. By adding some additional features, it can be an entrant for one of the top spots.