Things You Should Do Before Attempting Data Recovery

Losing stored data on your hard disk can be worst thing for the computer users. The hard disks can be regenerated over time as these are mechanical devices. It is important for the computer users to know about the diagnostics of the hard drive problems to recover lost data.

The users should take steps to diagnose problems the moment they feel some problems to their hard drives to save their critical information.

Symptoms of Hard Drive Problems

There might be some specific signs about the failure of the hard drives and you can follow data recovery suggestions in case of these symptoms.

Boot Failure

There might be some bad sectors to your hard drive in case it fails to boot. The boot record might also be corrupted in this case. The users can try to boot their hard drives with some bootable disk or they can run in the safe mode to find out the problem. If the hard drive is booted with the bootable disk but not with safe mode then there is certainly hard drive problem.

Unusual sound from Hard Drive

The hard driver might have mechanical problems if you are feeling clicking sound from it. There might also be problems with the mechanisms in case of whirling and buzzing from hard drive. Although there might be some sound of clicking from new hard drive but it will not cause any effect as real problem will come with much louder clicks and spinning. The computer users should back up their systems immediately to prevent their data if they hear these sounds.

Blue Screen of Death

If the window crashes recovery program then there appears blue window. There might be lots of information on this blue screen and in this case computer will reboot automatically. There can be many factors of this Blue Screen of Death and Hard Drive failure is one of these factors.

Diagnostics Test for Hard Drive Failure

You can diagnose your hard drive in many ways. ScanDisk is the easiest way to find out problems in the hard drive which will check for errors.

The ScanDisk will check scan all data sectors of your hard drive. It will describe serious problems in drive’s structure. The help will be required in case error report in file sectors and partitions. There are also many online hard drive diagnostics tests and you can run complete scan for your computer.

Always make a backup

It is always a good practice to make a backup of your hard drive to reduce data loss. These files can be stored on removable drives or on CD or DVD. You can also store your data virtually on the online backup services. You can take your hard drive to the data recovery company if you are unable to fix problems. The physical data recovery requires take apart and assembling them in the working drive.