ParetoLogic Data Recovery Review

Paretologic Data Recovery Software stands at number 6 out of 15 data recovery programs. This software has passed many tests very successfully and you can be able to recover all lost files with this program. This data recovery program is easy and simple to use and it can work when you are running other desired programs. The hard disk needs to be formatted if there is attack of any virus and data is lost. The uninstalled software gets rid of remnants in this case and your computer will run faster. You might feel stress with some lost data but this software can be right solution for all your problems.

There are many good features available in ParetoLogic Data. The lost files from iPod Classics, iPod Shuffles and iPod Nanos can be recovered by this program. Email attachments which are deleted can also be recovered and this program can also recover files from reformatted partition.

Feature Set

You can find all essential features in ParetoLogic Data Recovery program. Different types of data can be recovered with this software from many sources. The data from encrypted files, compressed files and emails can be recovered by this software. There is file “preview option available in this software which gives you information about the files to be recovered. The files on your hard disk are scanned which are in the reformatted partition. This data recovery program helps the users to scan portable devices like iPods, memory cards, thumb drives, portable hard disks, cameras and cell phone cards. There is data recovery available over networks in this software. It can also work with new iPhone and iPod Touch.

Ease of Use

ParetoLogic Data Recovery software is found very easy and simple to use. You can view reports about the recovered files and conduct many scans. It is very easy to download and register on it. The installation process of this software is also very quick. The external hard disk is very easy to perform scan if you need scanning form compressed and encrypted files on your hard drive and this scanning will be very quick. It will take a long time if scanning is performed on files of reformatted hard drive but it also depends on the size of the files.

Recovery Effectiveness

There are three types of recovery searches available in testing of this program. Recovery for external hard disk is the first search, email recovery is second search and data recovery on reformatted hard disk is third search. You can use first search for recovering music files and all files can be created very easily. The emails in Outlook can be recovered successfully and quickly with second type of search. Third search can take a long time and doest not produce results. There is no promise for data recovery because sometimes lost files can be recovered and sometimes not.

Search Capabilities

There are many types of scans available in this data recovery program and you can search files in different ways. The scanning can be performed on hard disk with searches for corrupted hard disk sector and reformatted partitions without any problem. You can also be able to search for mounted and unmounted volumes. The files from recycle bin, emails from Outlook and files from external hard drives like cameras, MP3 players and memory cards can be recovered very easily with the help of this program. You can not recover data over networks, iPod Touch and from new iPhone. The files can be searched by text string, file type, file name. the encrypted and compressed files can be searched with this software. There were many files which were recovered from the hard drive of your computer which were searched without name. the hard drive space can be increased by removing many of the files without name. these no name files are basically temporary files and some of the audio files which were listened online.


The help section of this data recovery program is very effective. There are many help pages available with helpful visuals for the users. The users can understand the use of different features with screenshots. There is knowledgebase and FAQs section available for the users and technical support can be contacted through email and telephone as well.


There are two recoveries received after three test scans which is not bad for this type of program. Some of the lost image files can be recovered on a specific computer but there is no 100% guarantee from software of this type as there might be too many variables. You can scan and recover data effectively with the help of this software. This price of this software is also very well and it is very cost effective as well.